Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Study Guide

Chapter 4

Q. Briefly summarize the most important events of chapter 4 and create a Wordle image.
A. Harker is asked to write letters to his employer and Mina saying that he his safe and has left the castle. The letters are to be dated a month from what the day was then. Harker asks to leave immediately, and the Count let's him. However, there is a pack of wolves out in the forest that ate a lady several days before. He scales the castle's walls to get to Dracula's room to find that the Count is either sleeping or dead in a box. On June 30, Jonathan decides to scale the wall to Dracula's room again finding the Count looking younger with blood on his lips. He tried to kill the campire with no avail.

Wordle: k
Chapter 5

Q. What are your thoughts on proposals?
A. Proposals do not necessarily have to be romantic at a romantic restaurant with romantic music playing in the background. However, the right timing and preferably the right person is imperative. :)

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