Monday, September 28, 2009

Extra Credit Study Guide Questions for Dracula

Chapter 5
Q: Is it cocky of the men to think they can win Lucy over if she's not in love with another man?
A: Yes and no. Yes, because men think that all women need a man in their lives to live because they cannot support themselves. No, because Lucy was flattered by all of the men's requests. She even sort of wished that she could be married to all three.

Chapter 9
Q: What do you think about husbands and wives having secrets? Should they not have any secrets? What about things like separate bank accounts, checking email and phone accounts, and boy's night out? How much individuality should be allowed?
A: It depends why the spouse is holding a secret from the other. If it is to genuinely protect the other (and not just themselves) then it should be okay. However, all other things important and necessary that need to be out in the open in order to have a healthy and truthful relationship should be said. I believe in joint bank accounts because once you are married, you become a family, and families should share. Separate email and phones are fine because if you cannot trust your spouse enough for "little" things like that, why marry them in the first place? No trust equals a very emotionally torturous and insecure marriage. Boy's night out: go ahead. Have some fun but not dirty fun. After two people are joined together by marriage, individuality should still play a part in each person's lives because personality and characteristics is what gets people together in the first place. Having too much or too little individuality is not that important because everyone should be striving to be like God anyway.

Chapter 17
Q: Should we keep personal diaries? They may cause pain to others...
A: I used to keep one from 6th grade to 10th grade (more or less). I have probably filled out around over 6 of them. I told my family and friends that when I die, do not read it, and just throw it away or BURN them because I know that it may cause pain to others. No doubt about it. I do not keep one anymore. The reason why I used to is because I wanted to look back one day and reminisce and laugh about what I thought was important and compare it to what I think is important now.

Q: "We women have something of the mother in us that makes us rise above smaller matters when the mother spirit is invoked. I felt this big sorrowing man's head resting on me, as though it were that of a baby that some day may life on my bosom, and I stroked his hair as though he were my own child. I never thought at the time how strange it all was" (Stoker, para. 61). Is this strange?
A: Yes, it is a little strange because it is not everyday that a grown man lets his emotions flow in front of a woman. Guys just have too much pride for that. I think it is okay though, for women to act as the motherly figure when a guy needs it the most. God made people for people. What use is it having friends if you cannot bawl out to them once in a while?

Q: "No one but a woman can help a man when he is in trouble of the heart, and he had no one to comfort him" (Stoker, para. 65). True statement?
A: Yes, it is a true statement. There is a difference though from back then and now: REBOUND GIRL! That is what they would call it now, however I do think that there can be such thing as a girl friend who can help their guy friend "heal the wounds of his heart" after a break up -- not without some level of emotion being involved. Another reason why I think it is true is because women are just naturally more sensitive to emotions compared to another bloke friend. Sometimes guys need some pity in order to find comfort to start the grieving process.

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