Monday, November 2, 2009

Good Earth Study Guide [Bonus]

Chapter 14
Q: What is Communism?
A: According to, communism is "a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership."

Chapter 19
Q: Is Wang Lung's insatiable appetite for Lotus uncommon?
A: I don't think it is. Men have a hard time controlling their lust for beautiful women. It happens everyday.

Q: Why is this chapter so difficult to read?
A: O-lan is the only truly good person in the Wang Lung's life. So when her heart breaks, your heart breaks too. She is admirable and a woman of good quality, therefore, a favorite amongst many. Her love and care for her family is immaculately shown. It's hard to read this chapter because one of the strongest characters in the book is being broken down by harmful acts of lust.

Chapter 26

Q: Why can Wang Lung not love O-lan?
A: He does not know what true love is. He thinks that love is lust. He's too self-conceited and self-absorbed to realize what true love is.

Q: Is it better to be beautiful and a slave or ugly and a wife?
A: Lust only lasts so long, as illustrated in The Good Earth. Wang Lung is a lusty man like all men are until his old age. If O-lan was still alive, she would be of more use to him than Lotus was when he became old. O-lan would have still cared for Wang Lung and fed him. Lotus did not know how to do those things. Personally, I'd want to be ugly on the outside and beautiful in the inside. (But of course...I'd like to be both. But if I had to choose, I'd be ugly even though it's a hard decision.)

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